Young People Don’t Notice Technology

An interesting article from Reuters notes that,

While young people embrace the Web with real or virtual friends and their cell phone is never far away, relatively few like technology and those that do tend to be in Brazil, India and China, according to a survey.

Only a handful think of technology as a concept.

… “Young people don’t see ‘tech’ as a separate entity – it’s an organic part of their lives,” said Andrew Davidson, vice president of MTV’s VBS International Insight unit.

“Talking to them about the role of technology in their lifestyle would be like talking to kids in the 1980s about the role the park swing or the telephone played in their social lives — it’s invisible.”

Young keep it simple in high-tech world: survey, Reuters, July 24, 2007

(Via for summary as above link may expire at some point.)

I think that is a fair point. In a way, to be expected. For web sites, when done well, for the user it is how good it is to use not what techniques were used to create it.

Only us developers care about the details. As my wife would rightly say to me if I go into the details too much, “one naught, one naught!” 🙂

(I guess it will be interesting to see how these attitudes change or not over the years, especially if and when Brazil, China, India etc become the new economic powers of the world.)