Blog restart

Apart from a handful of posts in 2010 and 2009 I haven’t really blogged much since 2008. Unfortunately it has been a bad combination of a number of personal tragedies, being too busy at work, and lack of spare time.

I am hoping I am through the worst of it now, and might see if I can restart this blog. I don’t expect to post frequently, but it may have a subtle change of focus. I’ve reset the theme, as the old one was a bit out of date. I’ve just used one of WordPress’s default themes, plus a few tweaks. I may do a proper theme at some point when I get some spare time.

Around 2007 or 2008 I started to focus a lot more on complex business web-application; really complex forms (200-300 fields for example), complex desktop-like interactions and so on.

I’ve shifted slightly from jquery/XSLT etc to heavy JavaScript/Ext.NET/Ext JS/AJAX etc. I still really like jQuery and XSLT and continue to use it, but as my focus has shifted to complex business apps, I am quite excited about Ext.NET, interaction design for complex desktop-like apps, and related technologies.

In fact, about a year ago I was asked to write a book about Ext.NET, which I started a few months after that… A follow-up post will talk about that a bit more, shortly…!