Ext JS TabPanel plugin for draggable tabs

Ext JS 4 comes with a plugin for TabPanels to allow reordering tabs using drag and drop. There isn’t an equivalent for Ext JS 3, however.

I came across a useful extension of the Ext JS 3.x TabPanel to re-order tabs via drag and drop. It is implemented as a subclass of Ext.TabPanel, as Ext.ux.panel.DDTabPanel and a version of it includes a useful reorder event that is fired once a tab is dragged to a new position in the TabPanel.

I refactored it from a subclass of Ext.TabPanel to a plugin so the original functionality is unchanged. See a demo and get the code. Continue reading

Jonathan Snook’s jQuery Background Animation as a Plugin

Jonathan Snook recently posted a really neat background animation technique using jQuery. This was something I was looking for and it seemed like a good candidate for a jQuery plugin.

So, following on from my recent post about turning jQuery code into richer, unit testable plugin code, I thought I’d describe the quick process of doing so here. (It’s worth reading Snook’s post first though!) Continue reading