Hiding Content on Web Pages for Accessibility

Web pages often benefit from some text that may not be necessary from a visual design perspective, but offer additional context to say blind users using a screen reader. Some CSS techniques to achieve this include moving text off the screen in such a way that screen readers will still read them out. However, there is a concern that search engines may not like this technique as it could be abused for keyword stuffing and other such practices. What are the implications? Continue reading

Should Web Developers Avoid WYSIWYG Editors?

For professional web developers, WYSIWYG editors are usually inappropriate, because they may encourage bad practice; may not give the developer full control of the output they need to create; is the wrong paradigm when seemingly competing requirements for web sites are considered; and many WYSIWYG editors rely on Internet Explorer which produces poor quality markup. Fortunately, being able to hand edit your markup output is not only easier than it may initially appear, but gives you flexibility to get what you need. Continue reading