Hiding Content on Web Pages for Accessibility

Web pages often benefit from some text that may not be necessary from a visual design perspective, but offer additional context to say blind users using a screen reader. Some CSS techniques to achieve this include moving text off the screen in such a way that screen readers will still read them out. However, there is a concern that search engines may not like this technique as it could be abused for keyword stuffing and other such practices. What are the implications? Continue reading

Explaining Natural SEO: Search engine ranking vs indexing

‘Search engine optimisation’ (SEO) can be a misleading term, because natural search engine strategies often involve two areas: search engine indexing and search engine ranking. At a high level,

  • Improving indexing is mostly a technical task
  • Improving ranking is mostly a business/marketing strategy (because search engines are trying to measure the popularity of your site, typically by understanding who links to your site and why)
  • What might work now may not work in the future
  • It all takes time to build good ranking

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